Spring 2022 Recruitment Information


Jan 26th Ivester Hall E007 @ 6PM

Jan 27th Correll Hall 221 @ 6PM

Please Submit Introduction Videos to vpm.akpsi.ae@gmail.com and president.akpsi.ae@gmail.com

Recruitment FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Come to one information session and two rush events.

You just have to be enrolled at UGA. We accept all majors!

We are significantly less expensive than most Greek organizations, especially those with houses, and it is money well invested. The initial pledge program fee is $49, which pays for national processing fees. This fee is non-refundable . Member dues, which are collected every semester, are one payment of $400 or a payment plan of up to four payments each spaced out though the semester. We understand that college students have other obligations, thus why we do provide payment plans.

The application is to enter a pledge program. The pledge program is an opportunity for you to see if Alpha Kappa Psi is right for you. Also, it is an opportunity for us to evaluate if you have what it takes to be a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi.

Time and effort. We cover history of the fraternity and basic professional and organizational skills. This includes quizzes, professional workshops, interviews, social events, and fundraising. The program is based on a point system so success has to do with a person’s ability to manage his or her time. Pledges will meet once a week as a group and must fulfill basic requirements in order to qualify to take the nationally mandated exam.