About Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi, the first professional fraternity in business, was founded at New York University in 1904, followed by the establishment of Delta Sigma Pi in 1907 at the same institution. The Alpha Epsilon Chapter located in the Southeast region at the University of Georgia was founded on March 18, 1922. Alpha Kappa Psi was the first professional business fraternity to become co-ed.

Over 140,000 members have been initiated into Alpha Kappa Psi. Of this number about 4,000 are faculty members, approximately 6,000 are college students working for degrees in business administration, and the remainder are engaged in business throughout the United States and Canada, and in other parts of the world. Of Alpha Kappa Psi’s alumni membership, over 17,750 are life members. Members are viewed as being very loyal, friendly, sympathetic, honest, dependable, and trustworthy. Among the benefits of being a member, each member has the opportunity to participate in a number of chapter activities and to be a part of an organization with a strong sense of pride, honor, history and tradition. Each member is encouraged to take an active role in the fraternity. There are tremendous opportunities for growth and leadership on the executive board, committees, and throughout the organization as a whole.

What is our Mission?

Alpha Kappa Psi’s Mission is to develop well trained, ethical, skilled, resourceful and experienced business leaders. Our overall goal is a special one: the preparation of men and women for future success. Colleges and universities teach valuable lessons in the classroom. However, the living laboratory of Alpha Kappa Psi gives our collegians the practice they need in developing advanced communication skills, a true understanding of the value of teamwork, and firsthand experience with the unique challenges of motivating a team project.