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The premier developer of professional business leaders.


The Alpha Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi was founded on March 18, 1922. Since our founding, this chapter has become a leader on campus in professional development, community involvement, and social outreach. This chapter has initiated well over 3000 brothers in our 94 year history, showing the strength of our chapter on campus and in the business world.

We are also unique from many chapters of the fraternity because we have a house. In fact, we are one of only nine chapters of Alpha Kappa Psi to own a fraternity house. This gives all of our brothers a home to come to, whether it be for studying or spending time together. In addition to being a place of residence for nine of our brothers, it is also utilized for events such as weekly meetings, professional development, and social gatherings. 

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A Letter From Our President

Welcome to the Alpha Epsilon chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi!

When I started at the University of Georgia, I felt a bit out of place. Not knowing exactly where I
fit in, it was hard for me to develop a real sense of identity and self. At times I became very
discouraged and even debated leaving the university during the Covid year. However, my good
friend Jackson Wright told me to give Alpha Kappa Psi a chance and I am forever grateful to him
for pushing me in this direction. I am now a well-rounded individual with not only the skills to
succeed in the professional world, but also one with a strong foundation of friends and

Our brotherhood is one formed based on improvement, knowing that we can always become
better versions of ourselves. We push each other to succeed both inside and outside of the
classroom as well as in our social lives. We give back to our community and to those who have
helped us along our journeys. Founded on ideals of unity and respect, no one in Alpha Kappa
Psi will ever be hung out to dry. We challenge our members to think critically and be open to all
opinions and know that no matter what major you may be studying, it is always important to
grow your brand and professional character.

I am incredibly thankful for the time I have spent in Alpha Kappa Psi and look forward to serving
as its leader this upcoming year. My support system is one that I will cherish for a lifetime as I
know the connections I have made in Alpha Kappa Psi will never fade.

In U&I
Corbin Fricker

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